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Special Big Bags


BIG BAGS Specials

Conductive and dissipative: We offer the full range of protective measures for the safe handling of Big Bags in hazardous areas.

Big Bags Type B, C and C.

Big Bags UN: The transport of dangerous goods is regulated in order to avoid damage to people, environmental and material damages.

Intermark has trained personnel to recommend and design Big Bags UN according to international regulations for transport by sea, rail and road.

Interior Big Bags

We can supply the Big bags with any bag and material construction, according to customer demand and need:
Straight bags or shaped bags, loose inside, sewn or glued, in PEBD, PEAD, PE / PA, PP, EVOH, aluminum compound, ..
The manufacturing conditions conform to the need of the product to contain:
Clean insulated room for food and pharmacy production: Washing with ionized air, ultrasonic cutting equipment, metal detection and air filtration.
Manufacture with ISO22000 and BRC certificate.