ISO-9001: 2015
45 años
De experiencia
+ 1.300 clientes
España & Portugal


Quality guarantee

Our Team

A team of 16 members between the headquarters of Terrasa and commercial head office in Madrid at disposal of our clients, offering an unbeteable service and quality guarantee.

Icono escudo protección - Intermark Fiabilidad y Calidad

Reliability and Quality

We believe in the rigour and seriousness of our operations, as well as excellence in our service.

Icono de bombilla - Intermark Responsabilidad e innovación

Responsability and Innovation

We search for excellence and the improvement not only in our product catalogue but also in the search of the best constant refinement to attend the necessities of our clients.

Icono cascos de atención al cliente - Intermark Orientación y dedicación

Orientation and dedication

Priority in the attention of all of our clients’ necessities.


We manage quality internally in Intermark.

We are certified with ISO 9001 since 2004 with the recent update to the version 9001:2015, issued by SGS since 2016.

Health Registrarion No. 39.03157 / B issued by the Health Protection Agency.

Integration of a managing and organising system carefully based on the continual improvement, offering the best service and quality to our clients.

ISO 9001:2015

SGS Certified since 2004

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Certificado Registro Sanitario

No. 39.03157 / B

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Success Keys

Our success keys are

We are expert consultants to the service of our clients and we have been offering the best quality in the range of our products for more than 45 years


  • More than 45 years of experience
  • Expert consultants
  • More than 1,300 clients in Spain and Portugal who rely on us
  • Solid agreements with our providers in Europe and Asia.
  • Facilities of more than 400m2


  • Quality approved with ISO-9001:2015
  • Latest generation managing program
  • Team of experts at disposal of our clients
  • Proximity and professionalism
  • The best providers at our service
  • Strict compliance of the current legislation


  • Latest generation managing program
  • Constant development and expansion of our product catalogue
  • Customized production and printing under request.